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What's your tale, Nightingale? is taking a break from its website at the moment whilst we come up with some more dastardly plans.
But don't fret, you can sill get our lovely items on our eBay store

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Looking for Something?

We all have our holy grails of vintage. The one thing to finish off our pretty 1950’s outfit or that chair to complete our Tiki Tiki home and if you guys and gals are anything like us, it can become an obsession which takes over at any shopping opportunity. We want to help.

Here at What’s your tale, Nightingale? A service has been set up that we are calling “Looking for Something?” and with it, we aim to become your one stop vintage item finder. So much of our week is spent rummaging through nooks and crannies for lovely pieces; we thought we might as well take your shopping list along as well.

All you need to do is email us at shop@whatsyourtalenightingale.co.uk with as much detail as you can about your craved pieces including shade, size, era etc, with picture examples if you have them and the range you would like to spend on it. Then we will get searching and keep you updated on all our finds.

Perfect, we hear you cry. Now all you have to do is narrow down that wish list :)

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