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About Us

At What’s your tale, Nightingale? our dastardly plan is to look back through the past and find the best parts of it to bring to you. We want to revive the ideals of Home Front Britain, discover the clothes from swinging sixties, breathe new life into the furniture from the atomic 50’s and round up all the rest we find along the way. We then bring them to you on our website, at fairs and online and show you how you can seamlessly add all of these into your modern day.

Vintage items are unique, well made and the best part, they have a story. From a dress worn on a first date to jumper taken to every beach trip, you know you'll be getting something that has lived a life before. We want to bring these gorgeous pieces to you and show you how you can add those items into your wardrobe today, mixing them in so brilliant you won't know how you survived without them.
What's your tale, Nightingale? was started back in 2010 with sustainability at its heart, we wanted to bring back beautiful items to be reloved and reused again but when we started to look back, we realised that it wasn't just the pieces that could blend so easily into today. The ideals and campaigns of Home Front Britain got us through two world wars and gave everyone the sense of purpose they needed to keep going with grace and style. We want to revive some of these lost ideals to make today a little brighter. We know we don't have a common enemy we can put a face to or real bombs raining down on our heads each night but we do have shared problems that need to be worked out. So we are bring back those campaigns through blogs and pin boards to show you how it's not just the clothes that feel so right bringing back.



We aren't just about the 1940's though. Our passion for vintage stretches all through the decades right up to the 1980's and our stock shows that. So now we've got you hooked on our way of thinking, you can find us trawling the country with our mobile shop at several vintage fairs and festivals or pop online at our website.


The items are ranked by their condition as follows:

TLC Needed – Beautiful but might need some help in getting to its former glory

Good – In fine condition but not tip top

Very good – All fine

Excellent – Ready to wear


We aren't just on this website, why not come see where else we hang out and ramble on about our dastardly plans:



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